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How to Set up Roku T.V

This blog perfectly fits in your statement as in this blog, you will learn about setting up Roku T.V, which is not a big task. All you need is an active internet connection and a connection between the Roku streaming device and the Television set. You can activate your Roku account later with the help of Roku Assist. Here are the steps that will set up your Roku TV:

roku assit
  • 1) Turn on your Roku t.v.
  • 2) Press the power button through remote.
  • 3) Wait for sometime till the startup screen appears.
  • 4) Select your language appearing on the screen.
  • 5) Press the OK button in the remote.
  • 6) Now, connect the Roku t.v to the internet.
  • 7) Once the connection is successful, you can finally access it.
  • 8) Download the channels by activating your Roku account.

After all this is done, you can finally watch your favourite channels, videos and music without any hassle. You can even select the number of channels you want to add or delete from your account anytime. If you need any further assistance, our technical team is always ready for you with the best solution. After the setup is done, you can take advantage of unlimited channels anytime and anywhere. No time limitation will take place when you are on the way to your entertainment.

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